Saturday, October 28, 2017

KangarooBits V2 Pos Altcoin KGB2

KangarooBits V2 Pos Altcoin KGB2

As this is our first brand new first garage project let's say that we will be happy if this project gets acceptation with the list of basics we wanna add, like wallets, explorers, exchanges,
website and more extras. Our compromise is to keep on development towards a real interesting crypto project for Australian and worldwide users.

Pos Reward Structure:
10% 10000-20000
3% 20000-30000
5% 30000-50000
3% 50000-500000

5% random 3% from then superblocks every 5000 blocks with reward x10 and random superblocks min reward x2 max x5 random frequence but minimun 1 superblock every 1000 blocks
block time 300 sec fast transaction reducing confirmations to minimum

Maximum Coin Supply: 500 Million
Maturity: 1 Hour
Max Age: Unlimited

Please note that there have been a swap from the old blockchain, therefore the coin called KGB2 and not KGB. Also coin specs might be little different as i have only the old alt coin info.

Buy KangarooBits V2 (KGB2) only at coinsmarkets. as it is the new swapped coin there, hopefully soon more exchanges will be add up:

KangarooBits is a young pos altcoins, it has been introduced to the world only few months ago, so there is a great oppertunity to catch the train on early days. The price is very low (few satoshis), and network weight is so small, so you can expect reward to be generated very soon. Many coins have been burned and lost during the swap so there isnt much staking competition on the blocks - leaving you with more profit in the wallet.

After calaculating the staking rewards it seems that the APR is up to 20% a year and with the compunding affect it can get up to 50% ROI per a year. This will also help to keep coin inflation very low for the long term, adding more stablity to the coin.

The random aspect of KangarooBits V2 staking is realy fun as it is also based on luck, because you can never know how high the Kangaroo will jump!!!

More info and wallet download at:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

TEK coin 40% pos a month

TEK coin – one of the highest pos coins in the crypto currency market. It gives you around 40% pos per a month. That’s means 480% per a year + compounding affect it can reach up to 1,000% a year. For example if you invest 1 bitcoin, after 30 days or little bit more you might earn 0.4 btc (depending on network difficult and market price).

This is a very old coin that according to bitcointalk forum has launched on October 28, 2013. Since than it has been stable because it has a unique concept: it takes 30 days for the coins to be matured, which means it encourage the investors to keep their TEK coins in their wallets. By doing this the inflation rates can stay low even if the proof of stake levels are so high.

Currently there are only 1,414,054,562 coins circulated which is relative low. The price is also very cheap now. Everything under 10 satoshi is a good deal as this coin used to spike to 17 satoshi and even 42 satoshi in the past.

The best place to buy TEK coins is at cryptopia:

Download the wallet at;

More information at the official TEK website:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

1337 pos alt coin

1337 coin was initially gave 1337% interest rate per a year, but due to lots of coin circulated (currently 23,271,873,064) it was halved during the years. now it gives 20% a year and will continue to reduce till 13.37%

but there is more to this coin than just staking!

1) Price in very low, usually around 1-3 satoshi and from time to time it jump of to 8-9 satoshi so you might catch the train and see profit from market value.

2) there are lots of ways to earn 1337 coins by playing games and participating with f@h.

3) the community is big and strong and there are always lots of development, especially in the gaming industry.

4) you can buy games with your staking earnings at:

5) for more info watch the video and please visit:


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